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Since 1996 Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs has been providing the Las Vegas Valley with quality on site jewelry repair services. Whether it’s new piece of jewelry or a family heirloom, we understand how important a cherished piece of jewelry is to you and we treat it as it is our most valuable possession.

Our slightly obsessed and highly skilled jewelers provide a full range of exceptional service, including but not limited to:


•    Bracelet repair

•    Bracelet Resizing

  • Clasps replacement- Gold and Silver
  • Findings for all type of jewelry

•    Chain Repair

•    Custom Jewelry Design

•    Jewelry Engraving

•    Jewelry Refurbishing

•    Pearls Restringing

•    Ring Prongs Re-tipping

•    Replace Claps

•    Restringing Pearls & Beads

•    Ring Shank Replacement

•    Ring Sizing

•    Stone Setting

•    Tighten Loose Stones

All repair services performed in house since 

We do not outsource.


Polishing Makes It Look As Good As New

You will be amazed at how new your jewelry looks after a thorough cleaning and polishing! Cleaning removes built up dirt and grime as well as tarnish and dullness common among sterling silver jewelry pieces, while our polishing system removes scratches on the metal.

We work with the utmost precision to restore your jewelry to its full luster in a matter of minutes.

Our jewelry cleaning and refurbishment process includes:

    •    Inspection

    •    Checking for loose or Missing Stones

    •    Replacing Missing or Damaged Stones

    •    Stone Matching

    •    Polishing and Rhodium Plating

    •    Ultrasonic Cleaning    

    •    Steam Cleaning


Restringing Pearls & Bead Jewelry

Even with the best and strongest thread, your pearls or bead jewelry will eventually break. Why? Because as the thread or wire ages, it become weak from exposure to body oils, perfumes, cosmetics and normal wear-and-tear.

To avoid having your jewelry break at an inconvenient time, we recommend having your pearls or bead jewelry restrung about every six months.




We can engrave your own jewelry, plaque or award, or browse our wide selection of gift items. 

Whether it’s as intricate as a family crest, as detailed as a logo or as simple as a name, we at Fast-Fix Jewelry and Watch Repair will engrave your gold, silver, platinum or glass item to your specification –while you wait.

Engraving is the ultimate way to personalize just about anything and make it special including:

Wedding Ring Engraving & Wedding Gift Ideas

You have the perfect wedding rings, now make them more special with a personal message or date.

We can engrave:

    •    Engagement Rings

    •    Wedding Bands

    •    Wedding Flute Glasses

    •    Wedding Cake Server

    •    Bridesmaids Gifts

    •    Groomsmen Gifts




Update an heirloom, vintage find or unfashionable piece of jewelry you no longer wear. With our custom jewelry design services, we’ll redesign an old piece of jewelry or take your loose gemstones and old gold or silver and turn them into a distinctly unique treasure.

Whether your desire is to re-design something you already have or create something original from scratch,  our designers and jewelers would love to help you create a custom ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet.

Virtually any piece of jewelry you envision can be brought to life by the designers and our expert jewelers including:

    •    Custom Necklaces

    •    Custom Bracelets

    •    Custom Earrings

    •    Custom Rings

    •    Custom Weeding Rings