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Wedding Ring Wednesday®


Many people don’t really think of getting their wedding rings inspected on a monthly basis. In fact, people tend to forget about the rings until a problem occurs- such as a worn prongs or a lost precious stone or a diamond.

Before getting your wedding or engagement rings inspected by Fast Fix Jewelers, please consider the amount of money and the emotional attachment that is associated with a wedding or engagement ring. You can understand why such precautions may be necessary- especially when it comes to rings, which are worn daily.While you may be able to replace the ring, replacing the memories and sentiments will be much more difficult. Your wedding or engagement ring is likely one of your most prized possessions!


Check the Ring Yourself


A self-check, even if it is through an untrained eye, can help catch issues such as a loosely set gem or a bent prong. Before doing the inspection yourself, it is important to understand what you’re looking for. The most vulnerable aspect of a ring is the prongs. These are tiny hooks that hold the gemstone in place and keep it fixed within the setting. Rings usually have four to six prongs which can be prone to getting snagged in clothing, hit, or bumped multiple times without being noticed. Replacing a fallen gemstone will be much more costly than fixing the prongs.


Come to Fast Fix Jewelers for FREE Professional Ring Inspection , Polishing, Cleaning and Rhodium Plating (white gold) every Wednesday


Not only do our expert jewelers have a trained eye which can help detect any problems with the ring, they have magnifying tools which allow them to see the slightest issue or flaw. A jewelry inspection typically entails a safety check, cleaning, polishing of the ring, and free rhodium plating if the ring is made with white gold.



Why Safety Inspection

This is the main part of the jewelry inspection.

Our Jewelers will inspect the ring for any problems with the setting of the ring. They will specifically be on the lookout for worn, broken, or bent prongs, which may compromise the safety of the gem.Our jewelers will point out any loose stones and recommend tightening them. They will point out worn out and bent prongs. If more extensive damage or wear may require repair or replacement of certain parts of the ring including tips, prongs, tightening of stones, and any structural concerns,  they will advise you- and with your consent, they will perform all operations and repairs on premises while you wait.


Why Cleaning

Dirt can very easily accumulate in rings, especially if the design is intricate. Fast Fix Jewelers will clean dirt from hard to reach places, which cannot be easily reached at home. Cleaning is an extremely important part of the jewelry inspection and is done for more than aesthetic purposes only.  The dirt that accumulates in the rings can cause further friction which increases the rate of wear and tear. In addition, dirt can also hide any defects which may cause problems in the future if gone undetected.


 Why Polishing ?

This part of the jewelry inspection is mainly for aesthetic purposes and can have your wedding or engagement ring looking like new. Once the ring is checked and cleaned, it is polished based on the discretion of the customer. Softer metals, such as gold or silver, shouldn’t be polished too often in order to maintain the integrity of the outer layer.

Polishing for gold or silver plated rings should also be avoided since the plate may be removed as a result of the polishing. If a plated ring is polished, it will have to be recoated, which can incur more expenses.



Why Rhodium Plating (White gold rings)?


Rhodium is a precious metal that is in the family of platinum. For rhodium plated jewelry, it involves plating the jewelry with a surface that guards against scratches and also gives a reflective white appearance. It is most commonly found on white gold jewelry, but can also be used on silver and other materials. Rhodium plating can also be referred to as rhodium flashing or rhodium dip.

There are many upsides to rhodium plated jewelry. First, it increases shine, luster and durability. Additionally, it will make your jewelry more resistant to scratches.

Because it is just plating, it will wear off over time, however there are different factors that can affect how long rhodium plating lasts. Depending on how often you wear the piece of jewelry, and how much wear and tear it gets, it may need to be re-applied every 6 months.


 How often should wedding and engagement  rings inspected?

AS Often as Possible.

Any Given  Wednesday you can walk into our stores in Galleria Mall, Meadows Mall and Anthem Village and our jewelers will, for FREE,









You can bring in your ring on any given Wednesday and Fast Fix Jewelers will ensure that the value of your ring doesn’t go down. If the ring is of sentimental value as well, the jewelry inspection will make sure that no damage comes to it, ensuring longevity and beauty.


Next time you think of cleaning your ring , think of Fast Fix Jewelers and

Wedding Ring Wednesday®